In the quiet town of Kookaburra Creek, 38-year-old Alice Pond enters her café expecting the morning to be like every other of the past 20 years. But asleep on her pantry floor is a young homeless girl with familiar eyes. A girl with the power to open old scars. A girl who might just offer Alice a second chance at the life so cruelly taken from her.

Long-buried memories resurface and Alice is 18 again with plans to escape a broken childhood and her neglectful father tormented by guilt. She works, she saves, she studies. But with the arrival of new boy Dean McRae and his ability to see right into the truth of her heart, distraction jeopardises those plans. When her father disappears, taking all of her savings with him, Alice is left with no option but to flee Lawson’s Ridge – broke, alone, pregnant.

When fire tears through her world, Alice is forced to face the truth of her past and present – of love lost and love found, of a life taken and one saved, and of painful secrets that could destroy her chance at happiness.

Coming 2018 !!!



  1. Gail Margaret

    This sounds interesting – looking forward to a read!

  2. This sounds like my kind of book.

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