Sometimes the most unlikely friendships are the ones that lead us home.

When writer Nicole Miller buys a rundown cottage in tiny Rosella Cove she has no interest whatsoever in making new friends. But in a town where anyone’s business is everyone’s business, it isn’t going to be easy to keep the locals at bay.

A chance encounter with cantankerous hermit Charlie stirs Nicole’s natural curiosity, though, and she finds herself drawn to the mysterious old man who is hiding a dark secret. Discovering a hidden box of letters written by war widow Ivy, Nicole might just have found the key to unlocking Charlie’s past, and she can no longer resist the intrigue of the place she reluctantly calls ‘home’.

As her connection with both Charlie and Ivy grows, Nicole begins to open herself to the people of The Point and the possibilities her new life offers – friendship, redemption, perhaps even romance. But, when her ex-fiancé tracks her down, his arrival threatens to destroy all that Nicole has begun to cherish.

Release Date – April 2019



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