Author Interview – Josephine Moon

I’m thrilled to have Josephine Moon with me today for a quick author interview.

What is your favourite part of being a writer?

JM : The days when I completely slip into another world and the characters are talking and everything is just rolling out in front of me so that all I have to do is keep up my typing speed to capture what I’m seeing and hearing… those days are gold. I am never happier than when I have been immersed in my current work in progress.

SD : Being immersed is the best, often our characters feeling more real to us than the real people on our life.

Romantic elements feature in most Women’s Fiction. Who is your favourite fictional couple?

JM : Of my own books, definitely Christmas Livingstone and Lincoln van Luc from The Chocolate Promise. That book comes the closest I’ve ever written to a straight love story and they are just such a beautiful couple. (Side note: Lincoln is named after my rather dashing black horse of the same name, who charms all the ladies with his snuffles and lashes, be they equine or human!)

SD : Lincoln is one of the sexiest male leads I’ve ever read!

JM : Other than that, I really loved Jess and Ed from JoJo Moyes’ novel, One Plus One. I have so much love for JoJo as a writer, for this book (I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or loved so much in any other novel), and for those two flawed and wonderful characters.

SD : Jojo is queen

Which five fictional characters would you love to have over for dinner?

JM : Albus Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) for his magic. Anne Shirley (from Anne of Green Gables) for her irrepressible spirit. Maria Lindsey (from my book, The Beekeeper’s Secret) because I suspect she has a few more secrets yet that we might coax out of her. Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean… okay, he’s not from a novel, but still fictional, and can you imagine the calamity? Sword fights, thievery, witty banter, rum… brilliant!) Violet Crawley, played by Maggie Smith, from Downton Abbey because her acerbic wit is something to behold. And I think she and Maria Lindsey would get on well.

SD : That sounds like an awesome dinner party!

What is one trait that one of your own characters has that you wished you possessed?

JM : Not so much a trait as a skill, but my character Sunny Foxleigh (from my forthcoming novel Three Gold Coins) can up-cycle old furniture she picked up at the dump into cool, trendy and beautiful new pieces that cost her next to nothing. In my head I’m that person, but then I try to do something as simple as open blinds without tangling them up and I realise how far away I am from being that person!

SD : I have a table I want to ‘re-do’, but I’m too sacred. Like you, in my head it will turn out perfect. In reality?????

If money, time and talent were no object, what job would you love to do other than write?

JM : I think I would be a vegetable and flower farmer. Again, in my head I already am that person, but the jungle of weeds out my window right now would suggest otherwise.

SD : Sounds idyllic.

What are you working on next and when can we expect it out?

JM : My next novel, Three Gold Coins, will be out at the end of March, right before Easter. It’s just about to go to print now!

Its blurb reads:

One coin for love, one for marriage, one to return to Rome.

Two days ago, Lara Foxleigh tossed three gold euros into the Trevi Fountain. Now, she is caring for a cranky old man and living in a picturesque villa, half a world away from her home and the concerns of her loving family.

Soon, it seems as if those wishes she made in Rome just might be coming true, and she may even be able to help heal a fifteen-year-old tragedy.

Until Lara’s past threatens to destroy everything she loves . . .

Three Gold Coins is a masterfully written celebration of food, family, triumph over adversity, and love—a deliciously imperfect life.

I am also halfway through the first draft of my fifth fiction book, one that doesn’t have a title yet, and all I can tell you is that it is set in Melbourne, and it will be out in April 2019 😊

SD : Have to say, I’m very much looking forward to Three Gold Coins coming out.

Thanks for stopping by Josephine. If you want to find out more about Josephine and her wonderful novels, you can find her here….

on her website

and here on facebook

S xo



2 thoughts on “Author Interview – Josephine Moon

  1. Krystal Jane

    Great to meet Josephine! I also think Captain Jack would make for an interesting dinner companion. You gotta have someone unruly, right? For the fun. 😀 Three Gold Coins is a beautiful book, by the way.

    On a side note, Sandie, I LOVE the new banner!!


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