Author Interview – Rachael Johns

This month I’m very excited to welcome international bestselling Aussie author Rachael Johns to my blog in the next in my series of author interviews. Rachael has 22 works of fiction published, ranging from Rural Romance to Women’s Fiction. Welcome Rachael.

What is your favourite part of being a writer?

RJ: The covers – definitely the covers!! Seeing a beautiful sparkly cover with your name on it makes all the pain and hard work that comes before worth it. I think publishing a book is a bit like having a baby, once you have the actual finished book in your hands and see it on actual shelves, you forget all the suffering that came to get to that point! I also like the friends I’ve met and the fun I have with them at conferences. Being able to work from home and not get dressed or wear make-up is also a perk 🙂

SD: And your covers are so pretty!! PJs and good friends. What more can a girl ask for?

Rachael’s works of Women’s Fiction

Romantic elements feature in most Women’s Fiction. Who is your favourite fictional couple?

RJ: Well, that would have to be Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. I love them on the page and I love them on the screen. She’s just utterly delightful in her imperfections and I love the way she cracks beneath his stiff, serious veneer to the real hero beneath.

SD: How can you not love anyone based on Mr Darcy?

Which five fictional characters would you love to have over for dinner?

RJ: Bridget Jones, Miss Havisham, Garfield, Hermione Granger and Silky from The Faraway Tree. And I hope Silky would bring some of her pop cakes!

SD: Now that would be an interesting dinner party!

What is one trait that one of your own characters has that you wished you possessed?

RJ: I would like to be able to play the violin (or any instrument really) like Abigail from THE PATTERSON GIRLS – I never put the hard work in as a child so my mum made me quit! AND I’d like to be able to knit and crochet like Tabetha from TALK OF THE TOWN – or I’d like to stick at these things long enough to actually make something. I can actually knit but I always give up after a few days.

SD: Abigail is certainly talented. I’m wondering if your mum making you quit is why you gave Abigail that trait…Hang on, I’ll just go get my psychology degree off the internet….

If money, time and talent were no object, what job would you love to do other than write?

RJ: Oh there are so many – that’s the best thing about writing, I can give my characters jobs that in another lifetime I’d have loved to have myself. I always wanted to read the news for Channel Seven, I’d also love to be an actress, or a voice narrator for audio books. At various stages in my life I’ve wanted to be a vet, a nutritionist and a flight attendant!

SD: Maybe we could convince Channel Seven to do guest news reader spots?

What are you working on next and when can we expect it out?

RJ: I’m currently working on HER MOTHER’S DRESS, which I’m hoping will be out late next year but that really depends on whether my life slows down and gives me the time to finish it by deadline. Currently we’re trying to sell a house, build a house and in November I’m doing a three week national tour for THE GREATEST GIFT. Time to write is running out BUT I can tell you it’s about four women and a wedding dress that connects them all. There’s a bit of a fun eighties theme and also touches on adoption and organ donation!

SD: You do have a lot on! HER MOTHER’S DRESS sounds great. Check out dates for Rachael’s tour here.

Thanks for stopping by Rachael. If you’d like to find out more about Rachael and her work you can find her here…




And if you’d like to win a copy of Rachael’s THE ART OF KEEPING SECRETS before THE GREATEST GIFT comes out at the end of this month, stop by my Facebook page (here)  and enter my giveaway.

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4 thoughts on “Author Interview – Rachael Johns

  1. Krystal Jane

    Nice to meet Rachel!
    I absolutely adore Colin Firth! He is the best and only Mr. Darcy. ^_^ You know, I also wish I could play the violin, but I just can’t sit still long enough to get really good at an instrument. I got to about a medium level of proficiency on the piano and have happily stayed here for years. 😀


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