Author Interview – Jenn J McLeod

Author, Jenn J McLeod

I’m switching things up a bit to accommodate some interesting things this month (stay tuned!!) and am doing my next author interview a little earlier than usual. I’m very pleased to welcome Jenn J McLeod to the blog. Jenn was the first real-life author I stalked befriended when I started this writing journey, and she is warm and generous and fun, so I’m thrilled to have here.

What is your favourite part of being a writer?

JM : Aside from getting to make up amazing characters (who I really do fall in love with or wish they were my best friend – don’t tell my best friend that!!) my favourite thing is hearing from readers who tell me they also loved a character, or they could relate to the characters and took something positive from the story.

SD : It’s wonderful that you can touch the lives of readers. Such a special thing.

Romantic elements feature in most Women’s Fiction. Who is your favourite fictional couple?

JM : I’m going with one of my own. I have a soft spot for Paige (a food reviewer until she lost her sense of smell – and therefore taste) and Aiden, once an executive chef in the city until his girlfriend swindled his food dream (so now he’s executive chip fryer in his uncle’s country pub). They are the lead characters in Season of Shadow and Light and Aiden goes from Mr Grumpy to the bloke you want in a crisis.

SD : And for some reason I’m a sucker for the name Aiden????

Which five fictional characters would you love to have over for dinner?

JM : Having spent time along the mighty Murray River recently, and staying a week in Echuca to tick riding a paddle steamer off my bucket list, I have been devouring Nancy Cato’s – All The Rivers Run. So, I would have:

  1. The feisty and determined Philadelphia at the table to get a debate going.
    2.Father Ralph de Brisassart, from The Thorn Birds, because I’d like to tell him a thing or two! (Or Deli would!)
    3.Strong and passionate Meggie, also from the Thorn Birds, so she can have her Julia Roberts moment. (I can see her standing there, hands on hips, defiant chin, and telling Ralph, “Big mistake! Huge!”)
    4.The mystical, magical Gypsy, from House for all Seasons. I have a lot of questions about her life and how she ended up at Dandelion House.
    5.Hunky Aiden, from my Season of Shadow and Light – because he’s a chef and we’ll need food! He’s also gorgeous, sensitive, and has a great sense of humour.
    6.Naughty Tilly, from The Other Side of the Season, so we can discuss a few things she did that were not very nice!

SD : That sounds like a great dinner party. I think we all wish we could have our Julia Roberts moment.What is one trait that one of your own characters has that you wished you possessed?

JM : Positivity.

Pearl, in The Other Side of the Season, has such a positive outlook and a real passion for life, despite the challenges she faces as a person with albinism.

SD : And it can be such a hard thing to harness. We all need a little more positivity.

What are you working on next and when can we expect it out?

JM : I am so excited to tell you my next book will be needing a passport! I have THE most amazing new editor and my next (5th) novel will be published by the UK’s Independent Publisher of the Year – Head of Zeus. And that amazing editor…? She was Maeve Binchy’s editor for years and, oh, another ‘small’ book you may have heard about. I just blogged about her.

SD : That’s such exciting news, Jenn. Congratulations.

If money, time and talent were no object, what job would you love to do other than write?

JM : If money, time and talent were no object I’d turn every Aussie novel into a TV mini series and give talented Aussie actors back the jobs reality TV takes away.

SD : That is an amazing idea! How do we make this happen?

Thanks for stopping by, Jenn.

If you like the idea of reading more about Aiden and Paige, stop by my Facebook page tomorrow and you can enter the draw to win a copy of Season Of Shadow and Light for yourself!

About Jenn

Jenn with a fellow who makes an appearance in book 5.

Jenn J McLeod was fifty when she started ticking things off her bucket list. So far she’s made that sea change, written that bestseller, and downsized her life to hit the road full time. Since 2014, home for Jenn (and her partner) is a 3-tonne, 25-foot caravan named Myrtle the Turtle. Selling her slice of suburbia and every stick of furniture was liberating (as was saying goodbye to the glut of kitchen gadgets and swapping a wardrobe of classy clothes and shoes for rubber Crocs, T-shirts, and shorts). (Check out her blog post on that.)

With her Seasons Collection of four novels already adored by readers in her home country, April 2018 will see her fifth novel released by the UK’s 2017 Independent Publisher of the Year, Head of Zeus, and distributed worldwide. Best described as heart-warming tales of Australian country life, friendship, family, love and contemporary issues, readers who enjoy family and friendship stories in the style of Monica McInerney, Mauve Binchy and Liz Bryski, will enjoy Jenn’s small town stories.

In addition to her novels, Jenn is published in short form and in industry magazines (including the Australian Literature Review’s ‘Novel Writing in Australia’ education series). She also maintains her own blog and loves connecting with readers online

Thanks for stopping by.

S 🙂



4 thoughts on “Author Interview – Jenn J McLeod

  1. Krystal Jane

    I like the name Aiden, too! ^_^

    I love what Jenn said about the mini-series!! That’s such a great idea. Every country needs to do something like that! Season Of Shadow and Light is such a great title, too.


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