Goals Within THE Goal

A short post from me this month. I’m in the middle of the pacific on a boat celebrating my mum’s 70th, and the internet here is sparse and $$$.

The topic our wonderful host Julie has set for the Fiction Writers’ Blog Hop this month is Writing Goals. Easy.

Goal – to get published! I could end this post here, but where’s the fun in that?

Obviously the number 1 goal will always be to get a publishing contract, and it will stay at number 1 until it happens. But some other goals within the goal are…

2. Finish MS #3 – I’m currently about 10K words in. Liking where it’s going and can’t wait to get into the juicy heart of it. I’d like to have a polished, edited, re-written, polished some more version done by mid 2017.

3. Learn everything I can about self publishing, just in case goal #1 continues to elude me. I’m not ready to go down the self-pub route yet, but if I do, I want to be prepared. I also figure the more I learn about self-pub related things like marketing and social media etc, it can only help me if I get a traditional publishing deal anyway, so the more knowledge I have the better.

4. Once MS #3 is done, it will be time to get started on MS #4. Don’t know yet what that will be, but I love that part of the journey where my next cast are fighting in my head to see which of them will capture my heart and make me want to tell their story.

5. Continue to improve my craft, by learning from other writers, from courses, from CP’ing, from reading…. LEARN MORE – WRITE MORE.

I’m not usually one for writing my goals my down, but this post may serve as a reminder over the next few months of where I’m heading, and that’s not a bad thing.

What about you? Do you write your goals down? Do you find it helps?


Those of you participating in the hop, I won’t get round to commenting on your posts till the weekend, but I will get there.

Thanks for reading! To return to the FICTION WRITERS BLOG HOP on Julie Valerie’s website, click here: http://www.julievalerie.com/fiction-writers-blog-hop-oct-2016

12 thoughts on “Goals Within THE Goal

  1. Krystal Jane

    These are great! Half of them could easily could my goals as well. Lol! I haven’t written my goals down in a while. I think it really helps with focus though! Which I have in short supply. Haha. I’m currently researching self-publishing. I would definitely encourage you to start, because it won’t be wasted information regardless of what route you take. I decided to take the indie route just a few weeks ago, and it’s very exciting!!

    I recently crossed 10k with my current work in progress, too, so it looks like we’re in a similar boat with our current projects! I would also like to have it polished by May or so. ^_^

  2. Pauline Wiles

    For goal #1, please do let me know how I can help get the word out when the time comes. For #3 (self pub), I absolutely agree, the more you are able to promote yourself and the stronger your “platform”, the better your position, whether with a publishing deal or going solo.
    I firmly believe that writing down goals (and checking in with them) is way more powerful than musing that “some day I might…”. That said, am I consistent in doing it? Nope!

  3. writerwithdogs

    Happy birthday to your Mum! What a wonderful trip, Sandie. And a great post, too. Your list may help me shape up mine. I just want to get back to writing, this year has held me back, and not because I am lazy. I self-publish and really enjoy having my vision my own. Not to say I wouldn’t faint with joy if someone wanted to publish me – I just have not checked it out. Always enjoy your views.

    1. sandiedocker Post author

      That is definitely a big advantage of self-publishing – having total control.

      I hope you do get back to writing. It’s such a wonderful therapeutic thing, as you know.

  4. Ellen Smith (@EllenSmithWrite)

    Publishing is a GREAT goal, Sandie! I agree- knowing all you can about marketing and social media is important whether you self-publish or go the traditionally-published route. Plus, it’s fun!

    I do tend to write my goals down- I think it helps me focus on where I’m going! Now, if only I set goals more often…

  5. Julie Valerie @Julie_Valerie

    Fabulous goals, Sandie! I love that goal #3 was established as a back-up plan for goal #1. Goals within goals. Wise.

    And happy birthday to your mum! My mom just turned 70. We celebrated at a beach house and was surprised by a sudden turn of a hurricane. Looks like the ocean is playing a starring (staring?) role in these milestone birthday celebrations. You? A ship on the Pacific. Me? An angry Atlantic.


    I can never get that one straight.

  6. Jayne Denker

    Now that’s the mark of a true writer: Composing a blog post and participating in a blog hop (and thinking about long-term writing goals) while on vacation! 🙂 Enjoy your trip and happy birthday to your mother!


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