The Year That Was

I cannot believe 2015 has come to end. I’m still getting my head around the fact that it actually IS 2015, and now it’s finished and I have to cope with it being 2016. I guess I’m getting older and the years are flying past faster.

peanuts bigger year

High/low lights of my writing year?

  • I struggled to separate my reading self from my writing self (more here) and lost my love of reading, but I’m thrilled to say in the last few months I’ve found my enjoyment for reading again that was missing for so much of this year.
  • I attended my first Writers’ Festival (here), and was blown away by the authors I got to hear speak. It also reinforced that this is definitely the world I want to belong to. One day…
  • The importance of a book’s title, even at the querying stage, became ever so apparent and caused a minor meltdown and a title makeover (here).
  • I found the strength to venture back into the query trenches (here) with Of Cupcakes and Dandelions (new title) and have been riding that rollercoaster for a couple of months now. It’s going ok, with some interest (and of course lots of rejections), coming frustratingly close to having something happy to shout about, but not quite.
  • My book boyfriend Gilbert Blythe/Jonathan Crombie died (here), which was gut-wrenchingly sad and still upsets me to think about it.
  • And I made some really lovely friends out there in cyberspace, (you know who you are).


A pictorial rep of my new WIP

A pictorial rep of my new WIP

So, in 2016 I’m looking forward to

getting stuck into a new WIP- I’ve even joined the 85K Writing Challenge (a group of writers supporting each other to write 85 thousand words in 90 days) to help keep me on track;

continuing to try and find a home for Kookaburra Creek;


and giving even more of myself to this crazy dream of being a published writer. Maybe this will be my year?peanuts my year

Whatever you are wishing for, or striving towards in 2016, I hope it goes well for you. And most importantly, if it’s your dream, then don’t give up on it. EVER. I for one, will keep chasing this writing dream, no matter how hard, or how long. As the beautiful and talented writer  Kate Forsyth has been quoted as saying about this writing journey…. ‘You will fail. But oh my darlings isn’t it better to fail magnificently than to let your story die and be buried in the graveyard of your subconscious?’

Happy New Year everyone.



2 thoughts on “The Year That Was

  1. Krystal Jane

    Happy New Year, Sandie!! This will your year and mine both! ^_^ I love your picture collage. I can’t wait to hear more about the new story when the time is right! Good luck with the 85k challenge!!


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