A Sparkly New Year

messy messy before

messy messy before

Quite literally as I’ve gone and got myself a sparkly new writing desk. It’s white and shiny and I’m loving it. The before picture (right) is a little exaggerated as it was taken in the middle of a massive clean out, but you get the picture. But even when it was ‘neat’ it really was still a mess.

ahhh, so pretty
ahhh, so pretty


But my new space – I just breathe out a sigh of happiness every time I walk in there. And I reckon my sparkly new desk might just be what gets me over the line this year with this crazy dream of being a published writer. Yes, you did just hear that right. I’m placing all my hopes on a new desk. Because really, I’m sure that’s what’s been holding me back, right???

But it isn’t just the desk. Oh no.

Two, yes 2, different horoscopes are predicting my creative success for 2015. So surely that seals the deal! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not big into horoscopes. You know, just slumber-party-have-a-good-laugh-as-you-read-them type interest. Because really, how can EVERY single Piscean in the world be having the same day? But when you read the two below, you’ll see why I’m going to take them on board.


totes amaze predict

The first is from one of those pre-teen mags my daughter gets, so that means it’s absolutely accurate, right? The second is from a website I happened to stumble across from a random tweet, so again, totally legit.


how can you not believe????

Sparkly new writing space. Check.

Not one but two totally reliable predictions. Check.

Bring it on 2015.

Happy 2015 everyone. May all your hopes and dreams come true.


6 thoughts on “A Sparkly New Year

  1. H. N. Stone

    Ahh, the magic of a new desk. I know it well. There’s something really soothing about having a nice, clean writing environment. I, for one, hope your horoscope predictions are correct! May you have a wonderful and spectacularly creative new year, Sandie! 😀

  2. krystal jane

    Sparkly new desk!! I LOVE sparkly new desk!!!! I mean, come on! That plus TWO predictions of success! This is your year, Sandie! ^_^

    And you know, I can attest to the power of a shiny new desk. I got one a year and a half ago, and my writing has really taken a huge turn for the better every since. Perhaps it’s all psychological, but even if it’s psychological, it’s still had a positive effect on my writing. ^_^

    1. sandiedocker Post author

      Thanks K. Even if it is psychological, it still counts. Half the struggle of this journey is believing in yourself and if a desk can help with that, then that’s all right by me 😉

  3. Julie Valerie @Julie_Valerie

    1. WOW! Snazzy new desk, Sandie. Very cool.
    2. Horoscopes from pre-teen magazines are absolutely trustworthy. I’ve been making major life decisions based on them for years!

    P.S. I’m also a Pieces. And did I see some craft supplies strewn about? Your writing space looks a lot like mine!


    1. sandiedocker Post author

      Craft supplies? Shhh. You didn’t see a thing…..

      So, if you’re a pieces too (hello kindred spirit), that means big things in store for you this year too!!!


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