A Writer Before Christmas

I’m not a poet by any stretch of the imagination, but a Christmas poem for you nonetheless…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the burbs,

Not a creature, not even, the plot bunnies* stirred.

 A writer tried hard, to summon her muse,

Distracted by red, green and gold, coloured hues.

stocking is hung

stocking is hung

Wrap presents and stack them, under the tree so tight,

Hang stockings and stuff turkeys, there’s no time to write.

 The gift of books for my mum, for husband and sister too,

But three for my daughter, not one and not two.

books are wrapped

books are wrapped

Pen and paper that is always, right there by my side,

Untouched, left neglected, throughout the Yule Tide.

The word count is stalled, as Old St Nick does prepare,

No prose as I cook pudding, ham, prawns and festive ware.

rocky road wreath (you knew chocolate would feature)

rocky road wreath (you knew chocolate would feature)

 Child and husband swim, play, fish and run all about,

Perhaps I should read, that counts as research no doubt.

 Surrounded by family, catching up with old friends,

It’s okay to wait until, there’s time to write ‘the end’. 

book tree

can’t take credit for this one but who wouldn’t love it?

So I say to my friends, those who read, those who write,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.

 Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe, relax, love those close to you.


*plot bunnies = those little plot ideas that breed in a writer’s mind and multiply out of control





4 thoughts on “A Writer Before Christmas

  1. Tina

    Happy Christmas Sandie – thanks for your blog pages, helps us think a bit more about our reading, the whys, hows etc- and a happy holiday of reading to all others who read Sandie’s pages

  2. krystal jane

    That stocking!! ^_^
    I love this so much! I hope your Christmas and New Year’s were great! Happy 2015! Many wishes that everything is going well in the writing cave!

    1. sandiedocker Post author

      Stocking is cute, right? The writing cave is a bit slow in the school hols (we’re in 6 weeks summer vacation right now) as my days are mostly occupied entertaining child! And then I’m exhausted at night. Only a few more weeks to go.


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