Faux Title Fun

The delightful E.G. Moore (who’s worth checking out here), has been playing along in a fun blog hop where you flip through your current manuscript and the first place your cursor lands, you need to take the phrase and that’s a new faux title for your book. That sounded like far too much fun not join in, so I did.

And here are the results. My random faux titles taken from my manuscript This Shadow Life.

  1. Only Half Listening (that could be a bio about my hubby)
  2. Until the Sirens
  3. The Sound of Clanging Pots
  4. The Awkward Moments (my own bio)
  5. Into the Chicken Mince (someone please write that book)
  6. Past the Trees
  7. Packing Shelves
  8. She Changed Her Burgers (I don’t even want to think…)

I might steal one or two of those for a future project. And I might just leave a few of them well enough alone. Would any of them work as an actual title for Shadow Life? No. 2 could possibly work. 6 perhaps.

So, to my writerly-type friends – I challenge you to join in the fun and let me know if you decide to play along.

To my readerly-type friends – Open the book you’re currently reading to a random page, close your eyes and swirl your finger round, count to three and point. And let me know the new title of the book you’re reading!

S 🙂

Julie Valerie Is hosting her monthly blog hop again, so check out some other bloggers out there. Like to party? Hop along the Hump Day Blog Hop on Julie Valerie’s Book Blog. Click here to return to the Hump Day Blog Hop.

19 thoughts on “Faux Title Fun

  1. Julie Valerie @Julie_Valerie

    Could #8 “She changed her burgers” be a self-help guide for frustrated cooks?

    Or a sequel to Terry McMillian’s How Stella Got Her Groove Back?

    Book #1: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    Book #2: She Changed Her Burgers

    I love this exercise by E.G. Moore. Great idea for a blog hop!

    Thanks for linking this to the Hump Day Blog Hop, Sandie! Always the last Wednesday of the month and always such a pleasure to hop along with you. Wishing you the very best from the east coast of the United States where it’s cold and rainy, mixed with snow – horrible conditions for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving travelers.

    I think our entire country should stay off the roads and instead curl up with a great book.


    1. sandiedocker Post author

      Hi Julie. Thanks for popping by. I love the ‘self-help for frustrated cooks’. That would be great 🙂

      I’m still working on that idea you suggested last month.

      Happy Thanksgiving. If it’s any consolation, it’s raining here in OZ, too. But it is 30deg Celsius!!! Any weather is good weather to curl up with a good book.

      1. Julie Valerie @Julie_Valerie

        Oh, I do hope you consider capturing small pieces of writing over that woman’s day (October’s blog hop piece). Perhaps if you framed the length of the book/novella to only cover 24 hours and you started at an odd time, like, say 6:17 a.m. or something (which could be the title – 9:57 p.m. or whatever) and you kept a thread (theme/topic/goal) running through the day to unify everything…

        Here’s a bad example of what I’m talking about:

        “12:48” [title] recounts one woman’s 24-hour journey to prepare for the funeral of her mother. It opens with a nightmare and closes at the doors of of the funeral home where her mother’s services are set to begin at 1 p.m.

        Or whatever. Bad example. It’s just the idea that the small pieces unfolded over a fixed time period and are united by an overarching story arc.

        Whatever you decide will be wonderful but your writing – my gosh. You gotta keep going, girl! Woo! Love it.

      2. sandiedocker Post author

        Firstly, thank you for such high praise of my writing. Coming from someone so immersed in women’s fiction, it means a lot to me. Secondly, I’m going to claim you as my very own muse/editor/inspiration, (mine and nobody else’s), because that is an awesome idea. Brain ticking over…

  2. lorilschafer

    I love this idea and would love to play along. Only problem is, my WIP is a bit heavy on the erotica, and the first few faux titles on which I landed didn’t seem quite appropriate for a general audience. Pretty entertaining titles, though! 😉


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